About Mike’s Dam Podcast

Glen Canyon Dam under construction

Thanks for visiting Mike’s Dam Podcast, the podcast that’s all about growing up in Page Arizona during the construction of the town, Glen Canyon Dam, and the creation of Lake Powell. In 2013, I launched a photo blog of the early years of Page, Glen Canyon Dam, and Lake Powell as a way to preserve some of the early images and memories of life by a dam site. You can reach that site by visiting https://pageaz.org/. This podcast is the next step in that adventure as I start to talk about my experiences, interview others who were there, and examine more closely, some of the old photos I’ve collected on the photo blog. I haven’t found anything else like this on the web for documenting the early history of Page via pictures and now a podcast, but I don’t get out much. My family moved to Page in 1959 or 1960 from southern California and I started first grade there. The first permanent high school and junior high school buildings had just been completed and the elementary school met in the old X and Y buildings. Those were on South 7th Ave (now Lake Powell BLVD), across the street from the Catholic church. You’ll see them in some of the aerial pictures that I’ve posted on the photo blog.

We initially lived at the airport (literally – in a trailer behind one of the hangers) because my dad was a pilot and he managed the airport when we first arrived. We also lived on Cedar Street, the MCS apartments, Chapman’s trailer court (we watched The Beatles live on Ed Sullivan from there), the park ranger housing near the marina, and the on the corner of Date Street and First Ave. I’m not sure why we moved around so much. We eventually moved into the house my dad built at 25 First Avenue in my freshman or sophomore year of high school. Did I mention that we left Page for a short time and went back to southern California in 1964 or 65? I was in the Page High School graduating class of 1973, but that’s another story for another time.

Like many others, I have a lot of memories of Page in its infancy. I watched the dam go up and the lake start to fill. I watched the population dwindle after the dam was finished and then come back when Bechtel came to town to build the power plant. My first bike, first girlfriend, first job, first bank account, first car, first home of my own, and first wife (and only wife – we’re still married) all happened there. We left Page in 1985, but have been back for visits and work on a number of occasions.

I invite you to join me in this podcast. I’m always on the hunt for more pictures – especially anything prior to 1970. if you have some that you can send me, just let me know via the Contact Me page. I’ll make sure you get full credit for anything you let me use. If they are regular photos, I will pay postage both ways and do all the scanning.

Thanks for your interest in Mike’s Dam Podcast! While you’re here, don’t forget to visit my photo blog at https://pageaz.org/. I would love to hear from you,

Mike Adams